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Entertainment Contents Business

  • "A" column

    • Arcade Game

    • Collective term for arcade game machines, in which users play by inserting coins and medals at game arcades. The term is used to distinguish them from video game console.

    • Income

    • Sales from arcade game machines.

    • Interactive

    • Meaning bidirectional or dialogue.
      Operating method in which tasks are undertaken through dialogue between the user and the computer. The computer immediately responds to operation by the user and responds with an answer or question as necessary.

    • Emulator

    • A device, computer program or system that accepts the same inputs and produces the same outputs as a given system.

    • Operator

    • Amusement center operator

  • "KA" column

    • Kyotai (chassis)

    • Box that houses the game substrate and installations of arcade game machines

    • Crane Game

    • Game in which the user wins the prize inside by grabbing it with the crane. The typical crane game "UFO Catcher" is a trademark of Sega.

    • Game Master

    • Observer that responds to issues pertaining to networked games

    • Consumer Game

    • Games for household use (named after games for “consumers”).

    • Complete Gacha

    • “Complete gacha” refers to a system in social games designed for mobile phones. System in which the user can obtain rare items by “completing” the goal of collecting of items such as capsule toys (“gacha”) that can be obtained randomly. Also dubbed as “comp gacha.”

  • "SA" column

    • Third Party

    • Software development company that supplies software for hardware manufactured by home video game manufacturers.

    • System Infrastructure

    • Motherboard of the common system portion of arcade game machines. Possible to alter the game by replacing the game software.

  • "TA" column

    • Distributor

    • Distributor of arcade game machines and resort game software

    • Texture

    • Image that is pasted on in 3D computer graphics to express the feel of the object surface

  • "HA" column

    • Harness

    • Cable that connects the systems infrastructure and chassis portion of pachinko and pachislot machines as well as arcade game machines

    • Prize

    • Collective term for gifts such as stuffed animals that can be won by crane games at game arcades. There is a wide variety of types other than stuffed animals, such as character figures and sundries.

    • Platform

    • Operating system or hardware environment for operating applications and software

    • Hopper

    • Device within the medal-dispensing machine that releases the medals.

  • "MA" column

    • Multi Platform

    • To develop and sell the same content for multiple hardware (such as Playstation 3 and Wii)

  • "RA" column

    • Revenue Share

    • Business model in which chassis is supplied at a low price and content is leased free of charge, and net sales are shared in accordance with the operation of equipment.

    • Revolution Series

    • Product family in which pachislot and pachinko machines developed and sold by Sammy is customized as arcade games.

    • "Ro-ke" Test

    • Abbreviated name for location test. To have general customers evaluate arcade game machines under development actually installed at particular amusement centers.

  • A through Z

    • AI

    • Technology to realize human intelligence on a computer

    • AOU

    • Name used to refer to All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators' Union. Comprises amusement machine operators' unions established in each prefecture.
      Merged with Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association, Inc. (JAMMA) on April 1, 2018 and established Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA).

    • ARPMAU

    • Calculated from dividing sales by MAU. Average monthly sales per user.

    • CERO

    • Abbreviated name for The Computer Entertainment Rating Organization. The group determines whether computer entertainment software is adequate or not in light of social ethics and classifies the adequate game software into age appropriate ratings.

    • CESA

    • Name used to refer to Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association. The purpose of the group is to research and disseminate information about the computer entertainment industry and to help develop a sound industry and improve people's daily lives.

    • CVT Kit

    • Replacement kit for upgrading substrate, software and exterior, etc.

    • E3

    • Abbreviated name for Electronic Entertainment Expo.
      The world’s largest game show that is held annually in Los Angeles.

    • ESA

    • Abbreviated name for the Entertainment Software Association.
      The U.S. industry group for the computer game industry.

    • eSports

    • Abbreviated name for electronic sports.
      Abbreviation for “electronic sports.” It broadly refers to entertainment, games and sports using electronic equipment in general. Computer and video game competitions are regarded as sporting events.

    • ESRB

    • Abbreviated name for the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
      Group that assigns ratings to computer games in the U.S. and Canada.

    • FPS

    • Abbreviated name for First Person Shooting.
      Shooting game through a first-person perspective.

    • Free to Play

    • Game that can be played free of basic charge.

    • JAIA

    • Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association, Inc. (JAMMA) and All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators’ Union (AOU) merged in April 1, 2018, and established Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA).
      The association aims to promote the development of the amusement industry and related industries and contribute to the expansion in Japan, improving the lives of people, sound growth of children and maintenance of public safety and order through cooperation among its members.

    • JAMMA

    • Name used to refer to Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association, Inc.
      Industry group comprising companies that manufacture and sell arcade games. The group establishes standards for arcade game machines.
      Merged with All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators’ Union (AOU) on April 1, 2018 and established Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA).

    • JeSU

    • Abbreviated name for Japan esports Union.
      Japan e-Sports Association, eSports Promotion Organization and Japan eSports Federation were merged and established Japan esports Union (JeSU).

    • MAU

    • Abbreviated name for Monthly Active Users.
      Index for number of users per month for social media and social application etc.

    • MMORPG

    • Abbreviated name for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

    • MO action game

    • Online action game in which multiple players participate simultaneously via the Internet

    • TGS

    • Abbreviated name for Tokyo Game Show. Held every September hosted by Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA).

  • Numbers/Symbols

    • Gogou Eigyo(Category 5 Business)

    • Indicated as “Business that operates stores with slot machines, arcade video games, and other amusement equipment that can be used in deviation from the original intent and has the risk of stimulating gambling spirit of customers. This includes amusement centers, arcade game cafes, as well as any other compartmentalized facility that is categorized as such” under Article 2 Paragraph 1 No. 5 of the Law Controlling Business Affecting Public Morals

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