SEGA SAMMY Glossary : Pachislot and Pachinko Machines

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Pachislot and Pachinko Machines

  • "KA" column

    • Kaidoshiki Yugiki

    • Formal name for pachislot machines

    • Kashidama Ryokin (Fee to borrow balls)

    • Fee for playing.
      Enforcement Regulation Article 36, Paragraph 1-2 stipulates criteria depending on the type of machine installed: fee for pachinko machines shall not exceed 4 yen per ball; and fee for pachislot machines shall not exceed 20 yen per medal.

    • Katashiki Shiken (Model examination)

    • Model examination by the designated examining agency Security Communications Association. Test that determines whether a machine meets technical standards stipulated by the ordinance on examination of machines.

    • Kawagoe Factory

    • Sammy factory in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture that was completed in May 2012 for the purpose of boosting production capacity in line with increased demand for pachinko and pachislot machines.
      Daily production capacity of about 5,000 pachinko machines and about 3,500 pachislot machines. Site area is 22,615m²

    • Gauge

    • The pegs that are laid out.

  • "SA" column

    • CR Ki (CR machine)

    • Abbreviated name for "card reader".

    • Jyankyu Yugiki

    • Jankyu pachinko machines Pachinko machines that combine Mahjong and pachinko. Player wins depending on combination of the designs (Mahjong yaku) of the balls that are inserted and receives medals back.

    • Zennichiyuren

    • Abbreviated name for Zennihon Yugi Jigyo Kyodo Kumiai Rengokai. Joint association of cooperatives of nationwide pachinko parlor unions.

  • "NA" column

    • Nichidenkyo

    • Abbreviated name for Nihon Dendo-shiki Yugiki Kogyo Kyodo Kumiai. Union of pachislot machine manufacturers. Main purpose of the union is to promote a sound and vibrant pachislot market.

    • Nichiden Tokkyo (NDT)

    • Abbreviated name for Nihon Dendo-shiki Yugiki Tokkyo Kabushiki Kaisha. The company engages in patent pool, a system where patents and utility model rights owned by respective manufacturers are operated fairly in order to prevent patent disputes, reduce the burden of paperwork and costs pertaining to licensing agreements and let companies focus on manufacturing without concerns about patent-related issues.

    • Nichiyukyo

    • Abbreviated name for incorporated association Nihon Yugi Kanren Jigyo Kyokai. Cross-industry organization comprising pachinko and pachislot parlors, manufacturers, trading companies, peripheral manufacturers, prize wholesalers and other related companies.

    • Nikkoso

    • Abbreviated name for Nihon Yugiki Kogyo Kumiai. Union for pachinko machine manufacturers. Working actively to ensure resorts can enjoy pachinko machines as an accessible and convenient popular pastime with a sense of security.

  • "HA" column

    • Harness

    • Cable that connects the systems infrastructure and chassis portion of pachinko and pachislot machines as well as arcade game machines.

    • Pachinko Yugiki

    • Formal name for pachinko machines.

    • Hotsukyo

    • Abbreviated name for Hoan Tsushin Kyokai (Security Communications Association). Examining agency designated by the National Public Safety Commission that conducts model tests for pachinko and pachislot machines.

    • Hopper

    • Device within the medal-dispensing machine that releases the medals.

  • A through Z

    • IP

    • Abbreviation for intellectual property such as characters and contents

    • ZEEG Co. Ltd.

    • Established in March 2016 as a joint venture of Sammy Corporation and Universal Entertainment Corporation.
      Aiming to maximize hardware expertise, with a view to creating platforms for amusement machine units and parts.

  • Numbers/Symbols

    • Yongou Eigyo(Category 4 Business)

    • Business indicated as “Business that sets up mahjong parlor, pachinko parlor and other facilities and has the risk of stimulating gambling spirit of customers” under Article 2 Paragraph 1 No. 4 of the Law Controlling Businesses That Affect Public Morals.

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