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The SEGA SAMMY Group established a lean earnings structure by restructuring costs in fiscal 2015 and laid the foundations for stronger portfolio management by restructuring businesses in fiscal 2016. In fiscal 2017, the Group will implement growth strategies steadily with a view to getting back on a growth track.

Fiscal 2015 Cost Structure Reform Phase Reduction of annual fixed costs approx. ¥6 billion

Cost Structure Reform

Main Initiatives in the Cost Structure Reform Phase

Main Initiatives in the Cost Structure Reform Phase

Reduced costs by approx.¥6.0billion


Fiscal 2016 Business Structure Reform Phase Sorted businesses (Invested management resources effectively)

Business Structure Reform Phase

Realigned the Group's business portfolio → Classified operations as growth businesses, stable revenue / maintain businesses, and businesses withdraw / downsize businesses

Result of Classifying Operations

Fiscal 2016 Measures

  • Pachislot and Pachinko Machine Business

    Improved business efficiency
    Consolidated and improved efficiency of manufacturing and development
    Implemented voluntary early retirement program
  • Entertainment Contents Business

    Withdrew from non-core businesses
    Content and solutions business
    (sold shares of Index Corporation)
    Dining and darts bar business
    (sold shares of Be Re-inc)


Fiscal 2017~ Implementation Phase Getting on a Growth Track

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