the GROUP Past and Present Get to know the Group's past and present History of an Innovator

Sammy1975 Established

1979 Launched "jankyu" machine incorporating a television monitor, TV JANQ

1989 Launched single-bonus hitter pachislot machine, ALADDIN

1997 Launched pachislot machine utilizing characters, Ultra Seven

1999 Launched pachislot machine incorporating an LCD, GeGeGe No Kitaro

2003 Launched pachislot machine, Hokuto No Ken

2008 Launched pachinko machine, Pachinko CR Hokuto No Ken

SEGA1960 Incorporate

1960 Developed first domestically produced jukebox, SEGA 1000

1985 Launched UFO Catcher

1993 Launched world's first 3D computer graphics (CG) fighting game for an amusement machine,Virtua Fighter

1995 Launched Print Club with ATLUS. CO., LTD.

1998 Launched home video game console, Dreamcast

2000 Launched first networked role-playing game (RPG) for a home video game console, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE

2003 Launched industry's first kids' card game, MUSHIKING:The King of Beetles

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