1960 Incorporated


The former SEGA CORPORATION began as a creator of amusement machines in 1960. The company subsequently expanded into the amusement center operations and home video game areas and continued to bring leading-edge products to market. Creating innovative products is in the SEGA Group’s DNA.

1960 Japan 1st

Developed first domestically produced jukebox, SEGA 1000

First used as an abbreviation of Service Games, the name of the company’s predecessor, “SEGA” later became the official company name.


Photo:SEGA 1000

1985 World 1st


A crane game in which players operate a crane to capture prizes. The product’s name derives from the crane’s resemblance to a UFO.



1993 World 1st

Launched world’s first 3D computer graphics(CG) fighting game for an amusement machine, Virtua Fighter

Launched world’s first 3D computer graphics (CG) fighting gamefor an amusement machine, Virtua Fighter The first Virtua Fighter was an amusement machine. A version of the game for SEGA’s home video game console, SEGA Saturn, became a major hit.

Virtua Fighter ©SEGA

Photo:Virtua Fighter

1995 World 1st

Launched Print Club with ATLUS. CO., LTD.

This was the first amusement machine that allowed users to take photographs and print stickers based on them. Many similar machines appeared on the market. Mainly gaining popularity among young women, the machines became a social phenomenon.

Print Club ©SEGA

Photo:Print Club

1998 World 1st

Launched home video game console, Dreamcast

As the world’s first home video game console with Internet connectivity, this was a mold-breaker. However, it was our last such product because fiercer competition led us to withdraw from the home video game console area.

Dreamcast ©SEGA


2000 Industry 1st

Launched first networked roleplaying game (RPG) for a home video game console, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE

Although online games for home video game consoles are common today, SEGA created Japan’s first such game. We have released versions of the game for many different platforms and established the title as a long seller.

2003 Industry 1st

Launched industry’s first kids’ card game, MUSHIKING: The King of Beetles

A mega-hit among boys in the lower grades of elementary school, this game established kids’ card games as a new market.

MUSHIKING: The King of Beetles ©SEGA

Photo:MUSHIKING: The King of Beetles
1975 Established


Since its establishment in 1975, Sammy hasdriven the development of the pachinko and pachislot machine market by creating pachislot and pachinko machines with industry-leading gameplay. Aiming to open up new horizons in entertainment based on its “Always Proactive, Always Pioneering” founding principle, the company is engaged in all aspects of business activities, including development, manufacturing, and marketing.

1979 Industry 1st

Launched “jankyu” machine incorporating a television monitor, TV JANQ

Sammy was the first company to incorporate monitors in “jankyu” machines, which combine mahjong and pachinko gameplay.

TV JANQ ©Sammy


1989 Industry 1st

Launched single-bonus hitter pachislot machine, ALADDIN

As the industry’s first pachislot machine to include hitters with a high probability of paying out “single-bonus” jackpots, this product ignited a pachislot boom.



1997 Industry 1st

Launched pachislot machine utilizing characters, Ultra Seven

This model pioneered the incorporation of much-loved characters. Spreading throughout the industry, this strategy diversified gameplay and broadened the player base.

1999 Industry 1st

Launched pachislot machine incorporating an LCD, GeGeGe No Kitaro

Sammy was the first to incorporate LCDs into pachislot machines. LCDs are now indispensable for the images pachislot machines display.

2003 New record

Launched pachislot machine, Pachislot Hokuto No Ken

Exemplifying Sammy’s “Always Proactive, Always Pioneering” founding principle, this model featured a groundbreaking combination of gameplay, animation, and LCD images. The product’s 620,000 unit sales remains an unbroken record for a pachislot machine.

Pachislot Hokuto No Ken
©Buronson & Tetsuo Hara ©Sammy

Photo:Pachislot Hokuto No Ken

2008 New record

Launched pachinko machine, Pachinko CR Hokuto No Ken

The first product marketed after transferring to a new development system, this title shipped more than 260,000 units, breaking our in-house record for pachinko machine unit sales. This success played a significant role in raising our presence in the pachinko machine market.

Pachinko CR Hokuto No Ken
©1983 Buronson & Tetsuo Hara ©NSP2007, Approved No. SAE-307 ©Sammy

Photo:Pachinko CR Hokuto No Ken