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Entertainment Contents Business Market

Consumer Area

  2005 2019
Domestic Market for Online Game Content ¥128.2 billion ¥1,406.6 billion
Source: Famitsu Game White Paper 2020
Competition is becoming fierce because an extremely wide group of companies is entering the market, including conventional major vendors of video games, new vendors, and Internet-related companies. Whether or not a company has hit titles changes its presence in the industry significantly. Also, the introduction of devices with advanced performance is driving the production of high-end content.
  2014 2019
Market Size of Packaged Games and Digital Distribution Games ¥6,714.8 billion ¥15,689.8 billion
Source: CESA Game White Paper (2015-2020)
Platform trends, the emergence of oligopolies comprising vendors with abundant funds, and changes in player preferences affect competitive conditions. In recent years, technological advances, such as the spread of broadband and smartphones, have affected the area.

Amusement Machine Sales Area

  2005 2018
Amusement machine sales ¥199.2 billion ¥161.7 billion
  2005 2018
Revenues from amusement center operations ¥682.4 billion ¥520.1 billion
Source: Japan Amusement Industry Association
Amusement center operators’ investment capacity affects market conditions directly.

Animation and Toys Area

  2005 2018
Animation Market Size ¥233.9 billion ¥268.8 billion
Source: Media Development Research Institute Inc.
The downloading of content mainly to PCs and smart devices and Japanese animation hits at movie theaters have driven expansion of the animation market in recent years.
  2005 2019
Toy Sales Market Size ¥705.3 billion ¥815.3 billion
Source: Japan Toy Association
Despite Japan’s declining birthrate, conditions in the toy sales market remain favorable as major hit characters and mainstay products drive growth.

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