Road To 2020

Road To 2020

To ensure the steady implementation of various measures set out in Road to 2020 for the period through fiscal 2020, the SEGA SAMMY Group has established a Mission Pyramid as a framework to motivate and guide all Group employees. Each business will become an innovator in its industry and continue providing moving experiences that exceed customers’ expectations. Through these efforts, the Group will reach management goals for fiscal 2020, sustain growth in corporate value.

Mission Pyramid

*1 Operating income margin of excluding "other/elimination" of Pachislot and pachinko Machines business
*2 ROA = Profit attributable to owners of parent / Total assets

Mid-term Business Results Trends

Target for FY Ending March 2020 Operating income margin of at least 15%
Expect ROA of at least 5%
"based on the assumption that total asset size will be the same as current level"

Segment Goal / Business Strategies

Pachislot and Pachinko Machines Operating income
margin:At least 30%
・Promote reuse
・Develop industry platform
・Improve development efficiency
Entertainment Contents ・Sales:At least ¥300 billion
・Operating Income:At least ¥30 billion
・Operating Income margin:At least 10%
・Create titles that will become global hits
Resort Succeed in IR businesses
Enhance brand recognition
・Obtain expertise toward success in IR businesses
Other Build Business
・Intergrate group offices and reform workstyle
・B to C intiatives toward expansion of fanbase
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