Group CSR Charter, Group Code of Conduct

Policy on Promotion of CSR / SDGs Activities of SEGA SAMMY Group

The SEGA SAMMY Group promotes CSR and SDGs activities, aiming for the SEGA SAMMY Group to "continue to be a corporate group that is trusted, needed, and respected by society."

Contributing to society through entertainment

The SEGA SAMMY Group has a group mission of “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating -Making Life More Colorful.-" High-quality entertainment is Essential for a mature society since entertainment enriches the society by providing impressive experiences and its creation is not only our joy but also our raison d'etre. By continuing to provide inspiring experiences to the world, we will continue to be a corporate group that all employees are proud of their work and that makes employees feel that they are contributing to the sustainable development of society.
The growth of the SEGA SAMMY Group is based on the relationship with social development and stakeholders. Therefore, it is natural for us to fulfill CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as a member of society. The first step is to be convinced that CSR is nothing special but is based on the daily practice of our group mission.
We will support the sustainable development of society by creating stable and appropriate profits and paying taxes and dividends in accordance with laws and social norms. However, that is not enough; we will actively carry out our CSR activities to meet the expectations of society as a "good corporate citizen" with the aim of realizing a sustainable society (sustainability), taking into account the expectations for social issues such as environmental issues and human rights issues from a global perspective, especially the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are the goals for the global sustainable society and environment.

Important issues to be addressed regarding CSR / SDGs

In promoting CSR / SDGs, the SEGA SAMMY Group sets the priority issues (materiality) and its priority items to be addressed with reference to the basic frameworks (such as SASB) in ESG information disclosure.

* SASB = Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Materiality to be Addressed

1. Environment

We design products with a view to lowering the environmental burden of manufacturing processes and enhancing efficiency through recycling and reuse. Further, we are advancing efforts to preserve the environment and reduce power consumption.

2. Addiction

We are taking steps to tackle and prevent different types of addiction, such as addiction to playing pachinko and pachilsot machines; “gaming disorder,” which is an addiction to video games that seriously affects health; and gambling addiction, which is strongly related to the integrated resort business.

3. People

We will strive to create motivating work environments for diverse human resources and build a corporate culture with a high level of creativity. We also aim to make diversity an inherent part of our business, while also ensuring fairness by respecting human rights, prohibiting discrimination of any kind and protecting disadvantaged people.

4. Products and Services

In order to create moving experiences through entertainment to make life more colorful, we will build development processes that allow us to provide innovative products, continually improve the quality of products and services, and supply products and services that can be enjoyed with safety and confidence.

5. Governance

We will emphasize corporate governance, including compliance and risk management, strengthen legal compliance frameworks and internal control systems, ensure sound business management, enhance transparency and improve efficiency through rigorous governance management.