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CSR Booklet 2018

Outlining the SEGA SAMMY Group’s CSR activities, the SEGA SAMMY Group CSR Booklet 2018 has been published. Additionally, since 2017 we have been releasing our integrated report, which not only covers financial information but also ESG information which is a particularly important area in terms of making investment decisions. Moreover, we report on information about governance and compliance, as well as important indicators, in an integrated report. As we reported on our CSR activities, we changed the publication’s title from “CSR Report” to “CSR Booklet.” The focus of the booklet is on CSR activities, which are not included in an integrated report, as well as on other information aimed at helping society better understand what the SEGA SAMMY Group does. We updated the editorial policy to communicate how we are striving to provide society with moving experiences and make life more colorful through entertainment as a Group engaged in a wide range of businesses that are becoming more defined as well as lively. For example, in the booklet we provide additional “Voice” sections, introduce some of our efforts to make society safer and more secure through our business, and present projects that contribute to addressing social issues. Furthermore, we describe our unique ongoing initiatives as an entertainment company that supports people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disasters. As we have stated in the Executive Messages section, we must always be a game changer in order to continue to provide value that goes beyond public expectations. To achieve that, each of us endeavors to share the Group Mission and implements and strives to achieve it throughout our business activities.

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