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CSR Booklet 2020

In fiscal 2018, the SEGA SAMMY Group rearranged the positioning of the conventional "CSR Report" and the "Annual Report".
The "CSR Report" has been reorganized into the "CSR BOOKLET" and the "Annual Report" into the "Integrated Report".
"CSR BOOKLET" is a supplementary reporting tool for the "Integrated Report", which aims to organize items considered important for both stakeholders and the Group, and to convey CSR activities to the Group's value creation in an easy-to-understand manner.
Information is summarized which centers on non-financial information such as social and environmental initiatives.
This year, as a special feature, employees will be dispatched to Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture, which has signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. Through their activities using Sega Sammy business culture, the area will be revitalized with cooperation from the town and residents. The efforts are posted.
In addition, since last year, the efforts for SDGs are displayed with icons.
Looking forward, our goal is to help solve social issues through the promotion of initiatives.
We hope that the "CSR BOOKLET" and "Integrated Report" together will serve as a bridge to stakeholders and convey an approach which leads to the realization of sustainable growth for a society through the creation of new values as a group.

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