Environmental Protection

SEGA SAMMY Group Environmental Protection

Designing Environmentally Friendly Products

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In the Entertainment Contents Business, we implement energy-saving measures for our amusement machines and strive to reduce waste by designing components that can be reused in new products. Furthermore, we provide amusement centers with maintenance and inspection manuals so that our products can be used for a long time. We completely recycle machines that must be discarded while attaining the complete elimination of disposal in landfills or through incineration by establishing a nationwide recycling system that prevents illegal dumping.
In the Pachislot and Pachinko Machines Business, our pachislot and pachinko machines feature eco-friendly functions that reduce power consumption. We promote the reuse of parts by standardizing parts, substrates and units at the design and development stage. Parts that cannot be reused are dismantled, sorted into smaller categories and recycled as materials.
Furthermore, we have been promoting industry-wide initiatives to reduce environmental impacts through such efforts as platforming parts and units in collaboration with other makers.

Green Power Certificates System

SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.

SEGA has bought one million kilowatt-hours’ worth of Green Power Certificates (micro-hydropower and biomass) annually since fiscal 2006 based on a contract with Japan Natural Energy Co., Ltd. Additionally, in April 2007 we became a Y-Green Partner of the Yokohama City Wind-Power Electricity Generation Project, whose main facility is the Hama Wing turbines in Yokohama’s Kanagawa Ward.


SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.

The use of electricity, which is an indirect source of CO2 emissions, is a given throughout the Entertainment Contents Business. Accordingly, we are making efforts to protect the global environment by reducing this effect in our operations and through offsetting, which makes use of schemes outside of business. As part of the effort, we signed an “adopt-a-forest” contract with Minamiaiki Village of Saku County in Nagano Prefecture to develop environmental activities for the privately owned forest of 3.633 hectares (roughly 773 times the area of the Tokyo Dome) to be named Sega-no-Mori (SEGA Forest).
The annual volume of CO2 absorbed by SEGA-no-Mori is equivalent to what is offset over four years of indirect CO2 emissions from an average amusement center. With the impressive cooperation of local people, SEGA-no-Mori also fosters an awareness of global environmental protection among employees.

Seagaia Beach Cleanup Campaign in Hitotsuba


In the Phoenix Seagaia Resort we conduct the beach-cleaning campaign Seagaia Beach Cleaning in Hitotsuba to protect Loggerhead sea turtles, designated natural treasure of Miyazaki Prefecture and their spawning areas. Every year we invite around 100 local volunteers, including high school students, to participate in the campaign and collect household waste and driftwood that could hinder baby turtles from moving into the sea. Before the cleanup starts, participants have the opportunity to attend a lecture on green turtles from head of Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo, and learn about the ecology of green turtles.