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SEGA SAMMY Group Environmental Protection

[Sega Europe Ltd.] (2019~)
SEGA Europe Switching to Fully Recyclable Packaging for All PC Game Products

SEGA Europe has started switching to fully recyclable packaging materials for all its PC titles. The move toward more eco-friendly PC game packaging is driven by the shared desire of Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe to reduce global warming by finding alternatives to plastic packaging.
The packaging and manual are both made from 100% recycled paper, and all printed matter uses water-and vegetable-based inks. The discs are also recyclable through special services.

Gary Dale
President & COO, SEGA Europe
SEGA Europe is committed to reducing its plastic waste and implementing environmentally friendly business practices. We estimate savings of up to 20 tonnes of plastic packaging for the title Football Manager 2020 alone. By switching to fully recyclable packaging for all our PC game titles, we expect to see an even larger reduction in plastic packaging. It would be great if the entertainment industries were to work together to explore alternatives to plastic packaging across various fields, such as movies, games, and music, with the aim of achieving a significant reduction in plastic packaging production and the associated environmental and disposal costs.

[SEGA CORPORATION/Sammy Corporation]
Designing Environmentally Friendly Products

Parts Disassembly

In our Entertainment Contents Business, we have been working to save energy in amusement equipment, to reduce waste by designing parts of existing products to be reused in new products, and to extend the life of products through maintenance and inspection manuals. In addition to 100% recycling of waste equipment, we have also developed a recycling system nationwide to prevent illegal dumping and achieving “zero landfill and zero simple incineration”.
The Pachislot and Pachinko Machines Business is equipped with eco-friendly functions to reduce power consumption. In addition, from the viewpoint of waste reduction, parts, boards, and units of machines are standardized from the design / development stage, and parts that cannot be reused are finely disassembled / separated and recycled as materials in order to expand the reusability of parts. Within the amusement machine industry as well, we are working to reduce the environmental impact of the industry as a whole by collaborating with other manufacturers to create a platform for parts and units.

Receiving the 2019 Miyazaki Prefecture Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Business Award

Energy-saving measures that effectively use electricity, gas, and other energy sources are essential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. PHOENIX RESORT has been implementing energy-saving measures since it opened in 1993. As a result, in 2019 we received the Miyazaki Prefecture Greenhouse Gas Emission Control Business Award in recognition of our leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for setting a great example for others.
Saving energy requires more than simply installing energy-efficient equipment. Sites for the equipment must be carefully determined and post-installation checks and improvements must be undertaken regularly to maximize effectiveness. We also keep a close eye on our energy-saving measures to ensure they do not negatively impact the quality of the environments and spaces used by our customers and staff.
Going forward, we will continuously seek and implement improvements that benefit customers and the environment so that we are always able to both offer comfortable resort stays and save energy.

Our Energy Saving Efforts

  • Preparing a daily energy consumption graph and comparing it with the same day and month of the previous year

  • Displaying lighting patterns next to the control panel to be used in sunny and rainy weather and at nighttime to ensure efficient lighting

  • Reporting energy use at internal meetings about once a month

  • Visualizing energy use by introducing the Energy Management System (EMS)

  • Upgrading heat source equipment for air conditioning systems and units, etc.

  • Converting to energy-efficient LED lighting

Seagaia Beach Cleaning Campaign in Hitotsuba

At Phoenix Resort, we have conducted the Seagaia Beach Cleaning Campaign in Hitotsuba since 2015 to protect loggerhead sea turtles, a designated natural treasure of Miyazaki Prefecture, and their spawning areas.
Every year, we invite around 100 volunteers, including local residents and members of the Junior Sports Club, to participate by, for example, collecting household waste and driftwood that could hinder loggerhead sea turtles from reaching land where they can lay their eggs.
Before the cleanup, participants have the opportunity to attend a lecture by Mr. Tomohisa Deguchi on loggerhead sea turtles and their ecology. Mr. Deguchi is a member of the Miyazaki Wildlife Research Group, which is a non-profit organization, and he is also head of the Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo. Although we have not been able to hold the campaign with local residents in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19, we are committed to continuing the campaign in the future.


SEGA Holdings endorses the intent of Adopt-A-Forest Promotion Program, a program led by Nagano Prefecture acting as an intermediary, and signed an “adopt-a-forest” contract with Minamiaiki Village of Saku County in Nagano Prefecture in April 2008. The contracted forest covers an area of 3,633 hectares (roughly 773 times the area of the Tokyo Dome) of privately-owned forest. We named the forest SEGA-no-Mori and support global environmental preservation by funding part of forest maintenance activities to sustain the forest’s ability to absorb CO2. As a result of maintenance efforts, the volume of CO2 absorbed by the forest in fiscal 2020 was 267.9 t-CO2.
With the impressive cooperation of local people, SEGA-no-Mori also fosters an awareness of global environmental protection among employees. In January 2018, our ten years of performance in forest maintenance activities and interaction with the local community were recognized by the presentation of the Nagano Prefectural Governor’s Award in the category of utilization of prefectural tax for Nagano Prefecture’s forest creation.

Main Activities

  • Forest Maintenance

    To provide opportunities to learn and experience first-hand the importance and the weight of forest maintenance, we organize forest thinning and maintenance experiences every autumn such as tree planting guided by people from the village who preserve and nurture SEGA-no-Mori on a daily basis.

  • Learning about Nature

    With the hope of handing down to the next generation the spirit of treasuring nature, we are organizing nature study events during which SEGA SAMMY Group employees and their families share experiences in tasks that vary every summer. These include removing, harvesting crops and catching fish by hand.

  • Interaction with the Local Community

    Villagers have shared a variety of stories such as the history of Minamiaiki Village, tips for mountain hiking, and the hard work required for growing delicious produce, thereby teaching us about the harsh and precious sides of nature that are not experienced in city life.

Green Power Certificates System

SEGA GROUP contracted with Nippon Natural Energy Co., Ltd. in 2005 to introduce a green energy certificate system in order to promote the use of natural energy.
We purchase 1 million kWh (low head hydro power 500,000 kWh, biomass 500,000 kWh) of “Green Power Certificates” annually to offset our company’s electric power usage and contribute to CO2 reduction.