Social and Community Support Activities

SEGA SAMMY Group Social and Community Support Activities

[SEGA SAMMY Group] (2019~)
Regional Co-Creation through Entertainment

In 2019, we signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Shichigahama-machi on regional revitalization to create the future of the place together under the theme “regional co-creation.” This is the first time the Group has entered into such an agreement with a municipal government.
Since July 1, 2019, the SEGA SAMMY Group’s personnel have been sent to onsite assignments in Shichigahama-machi to help boost and sustain the ongoing growth of the regional economy. They are involved in such initiatives as creating new businesses, supporting local businesses, and promoting local brands.

[SEGA SAMMY Group] (2009~)
Campaign to Deliver Picture Books

We have been participating in the Shanti Volunteer Association’s Campaign to contribute through entertainment to children living in conflict areas by delivering picture books to them. We purchase picture books with money raised through the collection of unwanted used items from our offices and the homes of our employees. Staff from 17 Group companies took part in pasting stickers into the books along with translations into local languages. They also sent them to designated locations. Since the start of the activity in 2009, a total of 2,825 books have been sent to those areas. While offering entertainment, we also pray for a world in which all children can have dreams for the future, and so we will continue to carry out these activities.

[SEGA SAMMY Group] (2019~)
Supporting Vaccinations for Children across the World

The SEGA SAMMY Group contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and encourages childhood vaccinations across the world by collecting plastic bottle caps on each floor of the Osaki headquarters. The caps are processed by a special recycling operator to reduce CO2 emissions during incineration. The revenues generated from their sale to the operator are donated to the certified NPO corporation Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children to support the health of children around the world. In fiscal 2020, we recycled 49,880 caps, reduced CO2 emissions by 365.5 kilograms, and donated money to purchase vaccines for 65 children.

Donating and Disinfecting Toys in Collaboration with NPOs

This year marked the 11th time we engaged in the initiative since fiscal 2010. Working together with the Japan NPO Center, we select NPOs to donate our toys.
In fiscal 2020, hoping to deliver smiles and courage to children who spend most of their time in beds and their family members, we donated about 100 toys from SEGA TOYS (fiscal 2020) and 500 non-woven masks to the Approved Specified NPO Family House, which provides accommodation support for the families of children undergoing treatment for cancer and other intractable diseases.
Due to the impact of COVID-19, many hospitals have restricted visits, increasing the need for support to help children with illnesses and their family members experience closer bonds of connection.
Group employees regularly visit the houses and disinfect toys and stuffed animals so that children and their families feel more comfortable using them. In future we will continue to develop contributions to make all children smile.

[DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd.] (2019~)

DARTSLIVE has launched a project to promote darts as a sport toward achieving a world in which people live long and healthy lives.
In fiscal 2020, we held four darts events at elementary schools and six at nursing homes, mainly in Yokohama City. In fiscal 2021, we launched a special website and online community site to brush up on the know-how cultivated through these events and to disseminate the achievements throughout the country. We would like to continue our efforts to create a new era with darts as a sport.

[SEGA SAMMY Group] (2018~)
Supporting Children’s Diet

Hoping to be of assistance in supporting children’s development through our Group businesses and facilities, SAMMY donated a popular snack to the children’s cafeteria. The snack came in a special package that was originally planned to be distributed at the UNIVERSAL CARNIVAL × Sammy FESTIVAL 2020. A total of 57,000 snacks were donated to 26 NPOs that operate children’s clubs and homes. A circle of support for children’s cafeterias has also been expanding in the pachislot and pachinko industry. In addition, Phoenix Resort continues to donate vegetables harvested from its own farm.
We are glad to help make children smile and will continue our support in a number of ways beyond food donations.

[SEGA SAMMY Group] (2010~)
Visiting Children at Orphanages

Since 2010, the SEGA SAMMY Baseball Club has been visiting three orphanages in Hachioji City, where the team is based. Also, in December every year, it organizes a Christmas event for interacting with children.
In 2019, 11 people including baseball team members visited. They gave toys from the SEGA SAMMY Group to children and played tee-ball and other games. The group home and nursery schools were filled with laughter. We will continue these interactive activities as a strong team beloved by the community.

[SEGA Logistics Service Co., Ltd.] (2012~)
Exhibition at the Sakura City Industrial Festival: Sakura Monozukuri Festa

As part of its community contributions, Sega Logistics Service has been participating in the Sakura Monozukuri Festa every year since 2012. In 2019, the company exhibited the UFO CATCHER at a permanent booth in the Shizu Community Center, which attracted about 15,000 visitors over two days.
Looking ahead, we will continue working as members of the local community.

※Sakura Monozukuri Festa 2020 has been cancelled due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Supporting the Development of Career Choices and Appropriate Professional Behavior for Local Students

In cooperation with local junior and senior high schools and universities, the Phoenix Resort offers opportunities such as experience-based training, lectures, and tours for students so they can explore career choices and start developing professional behavior.
During the professional behavior seminars, presented as onsite classes, students learn important social skills and manners and receive personal guidance on future career or education choices. In addition, high school students studying social welfare tour a barrier-free room inside the resort and receive a one-point lesson about engaging in pleasant social interactions.
We will continue to provide support that is uniquely possible at the Phoenix Resort, which reflects a high level of expertise in creating pleasant occasions and spaces for customers, and thereby contribute to the growth of local communities.

Art of The Rough Diamonds Exhibit (Supporting Art Creation by the Disabled)

Art of the Rough Diamonds is a non-profit organization that works to create equal opportunities for artists with mental disabilities and increase society’s appreciation of their work. In support of this objective, SEGA SAMMY held an art exhibition and sale in October 2020 at TUNNEL TOKYO inside the Group’s Osaki headquarters. The event, which implemented thorough COVID-19 precautions, welcomed 150 visitors who enjoyed the artistry and individuality of the nearly seventy works of art on display, many of which were purchased.
The Group considers the creation of opportunities like this as a way of putting its mission of “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating—Making Life More Colorful” into practice, which also leads to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 8, 10 and 17. For this reason, the Group will continue to support efforts for those with disabilities and carry out activities that promote diversity.

Shinagawa Hanakaido Volunteer Activity

As part of giving back to Shingawa Ward, which is home to the SEGA SAMMY Group’s headquarters, SEGA SAMMY BUSINESS SUPPORT, a special subsidiary of the Group, participates in a greening project for the Ward’s Katsushima Canal, which is managed by the non-profit organization Shinagawa Hanakaido. From summer through fall, disabled employees from the company work hard to maintain the flower beds located along the Canal, which includes weeding and planting cosmos seeds. SEGA SAMMY will continue to actively promote the involvement of its disabled employees in local volunteer work and activities that contribute to the community.

Report of donations through the shareholder benefit program

We sincerely thank the shareholders who chose to make donations in the shareholder benefit program.
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