Social and Community Support Activities

SEGA SAMMY Group Social and Community Support Activities

Providing Opportunities for Students to Gain Social Skills


The Phoenix Resort organizes a seminar at schools for students to learn manners, in cooperation with local junior and senior high schools and universities, and barrier-free tours inside the resort (Phoenix Seagaia Resort) to raise their social awareness through hands-on experiences. Employees also visit police stations and hospitals and hold seminars on social skills and manners, actively contributing to the civic growth of communities.

Inviting Senior Citizens of the Community to our Showrooms

Sammy Corporation

Sammy has been inviting senior citizens from five facilities for the elderly to enjoy playing with our pachislot and pachinko machines once or twice a month. The events are based on a suggestion made by an employee, and our staff now participate in them as volunteers. We will continue these activities and look forward to participants expressing their gratitude and commenting on how much fun they have. Also, we will provide an opportunity for employees who invite them to see the social value of entertainment in a new light.

Campaign to Deliver Picture Books


To provide entertainment for children living in conflict areas, we have been participating in the Shanti Volunteer Association’s Campaign to Deliver Picture Books to children. We purchase picture books with money raised through the collection of unwanted used items from our offices and the homes of our employees. Employees then work together to paste stickers in them with translations into local languages before sending them off to the designated locations. We intend to continue taking part in this campaign with the hope of seeing a world in which all children can thrive and pursue their dreams through entertainment.

Donating and Disinfecting Toys in Collaboration with NPOs


To address social challenges as much as possible while taking advantage of our core business, we have been donating toys of Group companies to the Approved Specified NPO Family House, which provides accommodation support for the families of children undergoing treatment for cancer or other intractable diseases.
Our employees regularly visit the facility and work with volunteers to disinfect and repair toys and plush dolls.

Interaction with the Community

SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.
SEGA Interactive Co., Ltd.
SEGA Games Co., Ltd.

SEGA Holdings, SEGA Interactive, and SEGA Games make donations to the Haneda Shrine’s summer festival in July and open their premises as a children’s portable shrine rest station where they provide beverages.
Our employees are also active participants in a monthly cleanup led by the neighborhood association.

Delivering Christmas Gifts to Children in Nursery Schools and a Group Home in Hachioji


The SEGA SAMMY Baseball Club has been holding Christmas parties at group home and nursery schools in Hachioji City, where the team is based. Some players representing the club, along with the Company mascot, SEGASAMMY ROOTER, visit each place and give out toys from the SEGA SAMMY Group to children as gifts. They also spend quality time with them while playing catch and other games.

Exhibition at the Sakura City Industrial Festival: Sakura Monozukuri Festa

Sega Logistics Service Co., Ltd.

SEGA LOGISTICS SERVICE has been participating in the Sakura Monozukuri Festa held by Sakura City, where the company is located, and exhibited the latest UFO CATCHER, which many visitors enjoyed.

Support for the Koedo Kawagoe Half Marat

Sammy Corporation

Sammy has been serving as a special sponsor for the Koedo Kawagoe Half Marathon, held annually in the area of our Kawagoe Factory. Sammy and Group employees and suppliers participate as runners while other employees volunteer at water stations.