Sporting Activities

The unpredictability of the results of sport events produces drama and provides dreams and excitement to both spectators and athletes. Sometimes serving as an aspiring goal and other times as a health and entertainment partner in our daily lives, sports contribute to building the character of the people involved and constitute an indispensable part of our lives. In considering sports as a pivotal vehicle to achieve the Group Mission of “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating“ —Making Life More Colorful—, SEGA SAMMY Group leverages sports in business activities, manages sports clubs, including those for baseball, and actively co-sponsors a variety of sporting events. The SEGA SAMMY Group intends to continue its efforts for the development of sports culture.


Aiming to share “moving experiences” with our customers, the SEGA SAMMY Group has established baseball, club. Through the management and activities of the club, the Group strives to contribute to society at large.


SEGA SAMMY Group has cosponsored “KONDO RACING Team” that has entered car race to boast of high popularity in Japan “The Super GT Series”, “Formula NIPPON”.

Support for Japan's national Para-Nordic skiing team of handicapped person

The SEGA SAMMY Group provides ongoing support to Japan’s national Para-Nordic skiing team with the Ski association of Japan for the Disabled, a specified non-profit corporation, as its parent organization.
Athletes of Japan’s national Para-Nordic skiing team competed at the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Games, winter tournament held in February, 2018.


The golf entertainment presented by the SEGA SAMMY Group.
The tournament will be held at The North Country Golf Club in Chitose, Hokkaido.

Kikuchi Komaki

Sega Sammy supports Kikuchi Komaki playing an active part in the fencing foil

Kakehata Eiko

Sega Sammy supports Kakehata Eiko playing an active part in the goalballl