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Our new medium-term plan will guide the Group in building economic and social value.

Haruki Satomi
President and Group CEO, Representative Director

 I’m Haruki Satomi and greet you for the first time as both President and Group CEO of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC. I was newly appointed to the CEO position this past April 1. In this new capacity, I will do my utmost to realize sustained growth in the SEGA SAMMY Group’s corporate value and to meet the expectations of our shareholders and all our stakeholders.

 Group operating results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021 were hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and both the strengths and the struggles of each of our business areas were brought into sharp focus. The Consumer area saw a dramatic boost in earnings on the back of stay-at-home spending. However, among other factors, the Pachislot and Pachinko Machines Business was negatively affected by government demands to temporarily suspend the operation of pachinko halls and the ensuing extension of the deadline for removing previous regulation machines. Also, the Resort Business was forced to contend with postponed and cancelled travel amid public health calls to refrain from outside activity, as well as the drying up of travel demand amid travel restrictions between countries.

 To respond to these rapid changes in the environment, and to build a solid business foundation with an eye to future growth, we implemented decisive structural reforms during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, including review of the business structure, reduction of fixed expenses, and review of the balance sheet.

 From the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, we will steadily put in action the measures outlined in our newly formulated medium-term plan, "Beyond the Status Quo: -Breaking the Current Situation and Becoming a Sustainable Company-“.

Beyond the Status Quo: -Breaking the Current Situation and Becoming a Sustainable Company-

 We will continue to deliver experiences that move the heart to our stakeholders while aiming to achieve the goals of this new medium-term plan and long-term vision that lies ahead, responding to the significant changes in the business environment and adapting to shifts in consumer lifestyles and values.

The Social Value of Entertainment

Hajime Satomi
Chairman, Representative Director

 The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is rampant, and the situation continues to be unpredictable.

In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, entertainment has often been categorized as a “non-essential, non-urgent” activity. In that sense, I feel that this pandemic differs in quality from the many challenges the Group has faced so far in its history. To overcome this adversity, the Group must transform its business model, including the ways in which we provide services and products, in response to sweeping changes in society.

 On the other hand, even if the current disaster is prolonged, I believe the essence of entertainment will never change. Since the dawn of history, when faced with unimaginable crises, human beings have sought daily refreshment and enjoyment from entertainment. Entertainment has been passed down and evolved to suit the times, helping to form cultures that make the world a richer place and contributing to the development of society.

 Under public health measures directing people to refrain from going out, many entertainment facilities which involve contact between people have been forced to suspend their operations. On the other hand, new ways of playing and enjoying the arts using the internet are showing signs of growth. This is a testament to people’s desire for entertainment no matter what the circumstances. If people’s hearts are not healthy and content, they will be unable to overcome the overwhelming feeling of being locked up that pervades society. I am proud to lead a company that can create such wonderful entertainment. I feel more strongly than ever that this entertainment is the greatest value we can offer to society.

 Going forward, to create value that exceeds the expectations of our customers, we will continue striving to foster a culture with “breakthrough power”, in which each and every employee pours their imagination and passion into a project, never giving up until they accomplish it. I am convinced that our repeated efforts to do this will allow us to keep providing experiences that moves the heart to people—the essence of the SEGA SAMMY Group—even in a post-COVID era. We would like to ask our investors and stakeholders for their continued support.

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