Corporate Citizenship

Support for Children and Education

Supporting Vaccinations for Children across the World

The SEGA SAMMY Group contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and encourages childhood vaccinations across the world by collecting plastic bottle caps on each floor of the Osaki headquarters. The caps are processed by a special recycling operator to reduce CO2 emissions during incineration. The revenues generated from their sale to the operator are donated to the certified NPO corporation Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children to support the health of children around the world. In fiscal 2020, we recycled 49,880 caps, reduced CO2 emissions by 365.5 kilograms, and donated money to purchase vaccines for 65 children.


Campaign to Deliver Picture Books

We have been participating in the Shanti Volunteer Association’s Campaign to contribute through entertainment to children living in conflict areas by delivering picture books to them. We purchase picture books with money raised through the collection of unwanted used items from our offices and the homes of our employees. Staff from 17 Group companies took part in pasting stickers into the books along with translations into local languages. They also sent them to designated locations. Since the start of the activity in 2009, a total of 2,825 books have been sent to those areas. While offering entertainment, we also pray for a world in which all children can have dreams for the future, and so we will continue to carry out these activities.



Visiting Lessons for Elementary and Junior High Schools

Sega Sammy Holdings and Sega conducted visiting lessons on programming, dance, and sustainability at five elementary and junior high schools in Chitose City, Hokkaido, in July 2022.

The Sega Sammy Group is undertaking an educational support initiative utilizing content and know-how owned by the group towards the children of Chitose City, the venue of the “Nagashima Shigeo INVITATIONAL Sega Sammy Cup Golf Tournament” hosted by the group. For a sustainability-related out-of-classroom lesson targeting 4th graders, an employee from the Sustainability Promotion Office of Sega Sammy Holdings served as the lecturer, providing lectures and workshops on environmental issues.

The Sega Sammy Group will actively pursue educational support activities for children who will shoulder the future by utilizing assets related to its group and contributing to creating a prosperous society and cultural creativity.


Sega Sammy Group Family Day was held

n August 2022, Sega Sammy Group Family Day, “Colorful Summer Festival – Let’s be more energetic and colorful -”, was held at their headquarters first time in three years. Family Day is an event in which the people we cherish, such as employees’ family members, are invited to the company’s office to let them know about employees’ work as well as Sega Sammy Group and deepen connections between families.

The face-to-face family event requested by many employees was held as the behavioral restrictions on the spread of COVID-19 were not taken this summer for the first time in three years, aiming to make important people related to our employees, such as their children, smile. The event, themed “Summer Festival,” included full of entertainment elements we are special about gathered around 900 people, including around 350 children, welcomed by our group employees wearing happi, a traditional Japanese coat.

Sega Sammy Group’s mission (meaning of existence) is “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating – Make society more energetic and colorful”. Another purpose of this event was to raise our engagement in the group by joining together besides making people we care about smile and become to like our company by inviting them to the office. In the real offline Family Day held after a long interval, 11 companies of the group offered their contents and services. The event was full of happiness and smiles with children and adult employees.


Participation in a PC donation project for high school students

In 2023, SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS donated laptops in support of the “Pass the Baton” project conducted by CLACK, a certified NPO, with the aim of encouraging the use of laptops from the SEGA SAMMY Group headquarters, which are used less frequently, for educational support for high school students. This project aims to refurbish used PCs donated by companies and provide them to high school students with financial difficulties to support their IT learning.
The PCs provided by companies are delivered to high school students free of charge as refurbished PCs through processes such as data erasure, cleaning, and OS reinstallation to prevent information leakage by Pacific Net.Co.,Ltd. which is affiliated with CLACK.
Since owning a PC is one of the first barriers for high school students who have mastered programming skills when they use the skills they have learned in their part-time jobs and internships, delivering PCs can help children in difficult situations to drive themselves in the long term. The SEGA SAMMY Group will continue to resolve social issues.

Supporting children and young people with various "difficulties in living"

As part of its activities to contribute to the local community through entertainment, SEGA continues to provide educational support, including delivery classes using Puyo Puyo Programming in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, where the Group’s headquarters are located. In addition, since October 2023, SEGA has been cooperating with the ward’s new project to support children and young people who are truant or withdrawn from school, and has been conducting “SEGA Puyo Puyo Programming Courses and Visits to SEGA Headquarters.”
The programming courses have been held as a trial since 2022, and participants can listen to piponeer, a professional player of Puyo Puyo certified by the Japan esports Union, not only teach programming but also talks about his profession as an esports player. The participants and their families commented, “It was a great experience for me to learn how to program from an esports professional,” and “I was happy to have an opportunity to go outside when I wasn’t in school.” In addition, at the SEGA headquarters tour, participants will experience operating equipment at facilities that they normally cannot enter, such as a video streaming studio.
The SEGA SAMMY Group will continue to contribute to local communities through entertainment.


48 Monitors Donated to Facilities for Children

Between December 2021 and January 2022, the SEGA SAMMY Group donated 48 PC monitors to Shinagawa City and private after-school care facilities through Chance for All*. Because of the diverse workstyles adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic, many computer monitors in the Groupʼs Osaki Head Office were under-utilized. It was decided to donate these for use in childrenʼs education, with 30 going to childrenʼs facilities managed by Shinagawa City, and 18 to nine childcare facilities operated by Chance for All. Group employees visited the facilities to hand over the monitors directly. The monitors are being used for a variety of purposes. For example, the monitors donated to childcare facilities in Shinagawa City have been repurposed as notice boards and other forms of digital signage, while those given to childcare facilities operated by Chance for All are being used for online communications in childcare facilities. The SEGA SAMMY Group will continue to pursue initiatives that support childrenʼs education.



Sponsorship of the Shakachare Program

SEGA SAMMY Holdings sponsors the Shakachare* Program, under which children learn about practical ways to tackle social issues. In April 2021, 22 teams consisting of approximately 150 children from different schools and school years visited the SEGA SAMMY Groupʼs headquarters to present the results of their efforts over more than six months to develop solutions for various social issues. The aim of the program is to enable children to make society a little better through their own efforts by working together in teams. It is hoped that these small successes will inspire more children to focus on society and act with a sense of participation, and that more adults will be inspired by the efforts of these children to make wonderful contributions to society through their actions. We find the Shakachare philosophy inspiring and will continue to support these activities.

*Shakachare: The word “Shakachare” was coined from the Japanese words for “social issues” (shakai kadai) and the English word “challenge”. The slogan for the program is “Social issues, everyoneʼs issues”. The program gives schoolchildren practical experience in tackling social issues. It is administered collaboratively by Ridilover Inc. (Representative Director: Toshiki Abe), which plans educational visits and school trips to the actual locations where social issues occur and supports the development of projects focused on social issues, and Chance for All (Representative Director: Isana Nakayama), a specified non-profit organization that runs after-school care facilities serving 300 children at nine schools in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.



Donating and Disinfecting Toys in Collaboration with NPOs

This year marked the 11th time we engaged in the initiative since fiscal 2010. Working together with the Japan NPO Center, we select NPOs to donate our toys.
In fiscal 2020, hoping to deliver smiles and courage to children who spend most of their time in beds and their family members, we donated about 100 toys from SEGA TOYS (fiscal 2020) and 500 non-woven masks to the Approved Specified NPO Family House, which provides accommodation support for the families of children undergoing treatment for cancer and other intractable diseases.
Due to the impact of COVID-19, many hospitals have restricted visits, increasing the need for support to help children with illnesses and their family members experience closer bonds of connection.
Group employees regularly visit the houses and disinfect toys and stuffed animals so that children and their families feel more comfortable using them. In future we will continue to develop contributions to make all children smile.



Supporting the Development of Career Choices and Appropriate Professional Behavior for Local Students

At the Phoenix Seagaia Resort, we have conducted the Seagaia Beach Cleaning Campaign in Hitotsuba since 2015 to protect loggerhead sea turtles, a designated natural treasure of Miyazaki Prefecture, and their spawning areas. Every year, we invite around 100 volunteers, including local residents and members of the Junior Sports Club, to participate by, for example, collecting household waste and driftwood that could hinder loggerhead sea turtles from reaching land where they can lay their eggs. Before the cleanup, participants have the opportunity to attend a lecture by Mr. Tomohisa Deguchi on loggerhead sea turtles and their ecology. Mr. Deguchi is a member of the Miyazaki Wildlife Research Group, which is a non-profit organization, and he is also head of the Miyazaki City Phoenix Zoo.
Although we have not been able to hold the campaign with local residents in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19, we are committed to continuing the campaign in the future.


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