Entertainment Contents Business

Provision of a diverse range of entertainment “experience” from Digital Contents to toys.
Introducing the development prowess of SEGA - evidenced through years of delivering innovative arcade and consumer game software products to the global market - into the digital game field, our objective is to become one of the world’s top three digital game companies. Furthermore, through the development of strategies for cross-platform gaming - where game data can be shared across multiple devices - and promoting conversion of intellectual properties originally developed for home video game to the digital game field, we aim to maximize opportunities for earnings across our entire consumer business.
In the amusement machine and facility market, where we already have a significant share, we intend to continue to evolve our product lineup to reflect market needs, and to further strengthen our centers' portfolio.
  • Digital Contents

  • Home Video Games

  • Amusement Machine

  • Animation Production

  • Toys

  • Amusement Center

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