Group Overview

SEGA SAMMY Group Mission

Overview of SEGA SAMMY Group

The SEGA SAMMY Group is involved in a wide range of business operations, encompassing; entertainment contents business which focuses on SEGA Group’s digital game business, includes amusement machine development, development of video contents and toys; Sammy’s pachislot and pachinko machine business and resort business, which is represented by the development and operation of hotels. Our mission as a comprehensive entertainment company working to provide new means of entertainment is to maximize group-wide synergy and offer entertainment products at a quality level only the SEGA SAMMY Group is capable of providing.

Not only domestically but in a wide range of entertainment markets - Europe, the U.S., Asia and beyond - we are striving to firmly establish our presence and offer captivating experiences across the globe.

Entertainment Contents Business

Provision of a broad range of new entertainment contents from digital contents to toys

  • Digital content Planning and distribution

    • SEGA
  • Development and Sales of Game Software

    • SEGA
    • ATLUS
  • Development, Manufacture and Sales of Amusement Machine

    • SEGA
  • Creation of Animation and Video Content

  • Development, Manufacture and Sales of Toy


Pachislot and Pachinko Machines

Able to provide machines equipped with innovative gameplay through outstanding development capabilities and imagination

  • Manufacture, Development and Sales of Pachinko Mchines

    • Sammy
    • RODEO
    • GINZA

Resort Business

Provision of exiting experiences through development and operation of complex facilities such as hotels

  • Development and Operation of intergrated Resort

  • Development and Operation of Resort facility

  • Operation of Golf course


Shaping the Future of the Group

The SEGA SAMMY Group, with the objective of providing entertainment consistently at the high level of quality demanded by society, responds flexibly to societal changes and works to optimize its management resources and business structure in tune with the needs of the times. While endeavoring to achieve stable earnings in our pachislot and pachinko machine business, we are working to fortify our capabilities in Japan and abroad in the digital game field - positioned as the driving force for our future growth - to solidify our presence as a robust, well-established comprehensive entertainment company. We are also currently preparing our IR (Integrated Resort) operations as a pillar of medium- to long-term growth. In addition to our pursuit of earnings, we have positioned the fulfillment of our societal responsibilities as one of our most crucial management issues, and are constantly working to enhance our corporate governance practices.

Group Logo

The design, which was developed based on a universal typeface, projects a unique personality with the creative use of capital and lower-case letters. It also conveys the Group's strong sense of unity by linking all the letters.
The SEGA SAMMY Blue and SEGA SAMMY Green element, which conveys stability while also rising at the angle of the earth's axis, represents the commitment to support and further expand the business while evoking the Group's continuing future growth. It also conveys the connections between people, and between society and the SEGA SAMMY Group.

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