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SEGA SAMMY Group is group of comprehensive entertainment companies created via the management integration in 2004 between game publisher SEGA and pachislot and pachinko machine manufacturer Sammy. In the spirit of the values “CREATION IS LIFE” and “Always Proactive, Always Pioneering” cultivated at both companies, based on our mission, “Constantly Creating, Forever Captivating—Making Life More Colorful,” we currently provide a broad field of entertainment centered around three businesses: entertainment content, pachislot and pachinko machines, and resorts.

The entertainment business that we engage in is not wholly viewed in a positive light by society; it is an industry in which the negative aspects are also pointed out. Particularly in recent days, with the spread of the novel coronavirus, the value of the very existence of our business was questioned, as we were said to be non-essential and non-urgent in the face of this disaster. However, by providing moving experiences as positives that surpass the negatives—with the essence of our entertainments being to continuously provide value that exceeds customer expectations—we are confident that we will continue to be a welcomed presence in society.

Entertainment does not simply enliven the spirit, it also has an unfathomed capacity to put society and the future on a positive trajectory. Thus far, when we faced difficulties, when we hit walls, moving experiences provided us with daily solace and allowed us to find the vigor to meet tomorrow. Now, even when advances in communications technology and the social landscape shift with dizzying speed, the power and essence of entertainment rest unchanged.

Being moved is an irreplaceable and uniquely human experience. We want to captivate people around the globe by providing entirely novel, moving experiences. We want to inspire optimism in people and invigorate society. Together as a group, we dedicate ourselves to continuously fulfilling a valued role in society through entertainment.